Club Risk Management Resources

While planning fundraisers and activities, our club keeps an eye toward safety to avoid accidents. Some activities inherently involve some risk. With others, the risks aren’t as obvious. There’s a lot to know about risk management: what is covered by insurance and what is excluded, what activities beg a waiver, and how to report a claim if an accident does occur. All members are asked to use these tools to educate yourself and others on how to physically protect participants and financially protect our club.

Youth protection

Youth protection hotline  

International Youth Protection Symposium

Background checks

Best practices for a club's background check policy

Club insurance resource guide—2017–18 (General liability and Directors & Officers liability information)

Directors and Officers Insurance

Certificate of Insurance—U.S. (2017–18)

Certificate of Insurance—request for additional insured wording

Certificate of Insurance Requirements

Hold Harmless Agreement

How to Report a Liability Claim

Incident Investigation Report

Loss Prevention Worksheets

Optional Insurance resource guide (2018-19)

Risk Management Techniques

Sample Affirmation and Liability Release

Sample Waiver of Subrogation

Role of the Safety Coordinator